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The team has been involved in numerous deals over the last decade. Including investments in portfolio companies operating in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Israel and India. Some of the currently supported start-ups include:





Yamo offers fresh, organic and completely natural food for toddlers. The start-up uses the new high-pressure process (HPP) technology in their production, preserving all natural vitamins while maintaining multi-week shelf life in the fridge without any additives.

Through stem cell research in the test tube synthetically produced poultry meat. Supermeat will revolutionize the poultry industry - clean, sustainable & animal friendly.





Flytrex is offering an autonomous drone delivery solution which is simpler, faster, cheaper and greener than ever before.

Atfinity's mission is to simplify compliance, reduce compliance risks and enable business. The startup does this with its digital compliance platform called regfinity.

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Threatray's code-based threat intelligence and advanced analytics tools enable enterprise security and incident response teams to develop a deep understanding of cyber-attacks and to quickly and effectively detect, investigate, and disrupt attacks.

Neon is a Swiss "mobile-only" banking application that is fundamentally changing banking in Switzerland. Neon requires neither branches nor a complex compliance apparatus. The customer controls the bank account via a mobile app and from there carries out all financial transactions - free of any account fees.


ImmunOs Therapeutics

ImmunOs specializes in drug development in the field of cancer treatment. The highly qualified team consists of senior researchers from home and abroad.

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